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Oñatiko Udala Grant Awarded

7 Mar 2017 16:50 | Patara McKeen

On March 7, 2017, I, along with my friend Francisco Vértiz ('La intervención estatal en la producción social del espacio urbano. Los alcances y las potencialidades de la regulación urbana en Oñati'), received a grant from the local town hall in Oñati (Oñatiko Udala Grant). My project, entitled ‘Toward Understanding Basque Identity: Pakistani Immigration, Citizenship, and Culture in Gipuzkoa, Basque Country’, seeks to investigate the meaning and perception Pakistani immigrants have toward the Basque identity; and specifically, what ‘Basque identity’ may mean itself. First, it has been a fruitful journey coming from Toronto, Canada, to Oñati; my experience during my time here at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law (IISL) has helped me grow, develop, as well as engage with - as best as I can - a culture uniquely different from my own. The institutes holistic approach to education provides both an academic and experiential experience which ferments an astonishing progression assisted by a world class library unlike any other (especially for the sociology of law). Thus, it is my ambition to engage my skills as a researcher and give back to the community of Oñati which has provided me with a substantial amount of opportunity. Second, I believe the question of ‘identity’ to be a complex research question, and one that engages with a wide breadth of disciplines. Moreover, it is a question that intrinsically occupies the hearts and minds of the Basque people. Therefore, it is my intention to delineate its nature and to better understand what identity may represent within the imagination of the people here. Lastly, I think it is important that as academics, practitioners, students, and researchers, to engage with and facilitate interaction between the institute, its members, and the people of Oñati. I hope that my contribution will lead to something fruitful, and hopefully, will allow me to pursue research of significance as I progress towards a PhD. As well, I would like to thank everyone that has facilitated and aided in this project thus far, thank you.

Patara McKeen

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