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Lur goes to...Errekaldeko Jaiak

29 May 2017 15:51 | Anonymous

On Saturday, May 27th, 2017, I had the chance to accompany my friends to visit the local festival occurring in the town of Oñati.  During the summer months, there are many festivals that occur in Oñati and in the surrounding towns.  These festivals are a chance to meet people, enjoy good company, listen to fantastic music, and, of course, drink together.

Everything started with traditional lunch, no need to say that Basque food is the best.  At the sunset, we joined the beer festival and enjoyed the music of the Gaitzerdi band.  On this night, I encountered something rare, real closeness and friendship.  As I drank cider and joined my friends in the fun of music, dance, and the local culture, I found myself not only enjoying my own, but everyone else’s company.  It was truly a beautiful sight to behold, it reminds me to cherish my many moments in Oñati.

I think in the Basque Country, there is a never-ending number of festivals occurring in the summer months – something that I think is wonderful.  Every town and city celebrate their own festivity centred around historical traditions.  I believe this is a time for the people of the town to come together and celebrate their heritage, identity, and culture.

I recommend that everyone join in the traditions and the events that encompass them.  Enjoy the concerts, the parades of giant puppets, fireworks, cooking, and, don’t forget to eat and drink a lot!

Gero Arte!


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