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Horror in Brazil - A murder of a Human Rights activist

16 Mar 2018 01:30 | Izabela Zonato Villas Boas

Marielle Franco. Woman. Black. Mother. Lesbian. Born in Favela. Dead.

Marielle was the fifth most voted councilwoman in the city of Rio de Janeiro for the Socialism and Freedom Party (Partido Socialismo e Liberdade - PSOL), a defender of human rights, the rights of black women and residents of favelas and peripheries known for giving voice to victims of violence in the state.

As widely reported to the world, Rio de Janeiro is under military military intervention due to the Federal Government's request because of the large number of crimes and violence, mainly related to drug trafficking.

Because of this, on 28 February was appointed as the rapporteur of the committee that will accompany the intervention in Rio de Janeiro and on the last Sunday (11/03/2018), four days before her murder, Marielle denounced on her facebook the Military Police of the 41st Military Police Battalion of Rio de Janeiro for violation of rights and extermination in a community of the city.

Murdered the night of March 14, after leaving an event with black women activists in the center of Rio de Janeiro. The reports of the crime are that the criminals shot several times against the car in which it was, its driver and its accessory (the only survivor), did not take any object, making clear the image of an execution.

The murder had a great repercussion and solidarity with people all over the world. As a result, social manifestations asking for a radical investigation into the death of Marielle and also the end of the violence occurred in most of the capitals of the Brazilian states, especially in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Salvador (where the World Social Forum is taking place) from other countries such as Germany, Argentina Chile, USA, France and Portugal.
Apparently, we are facing a Brazil that criminalizes poverty and also those who fight against the criminalization of poverty.
A brilliant defender of so many minorities who ended up dead. But her fight is not over, we will make this mourning a big fight.

Izabela Zonato Villas Boas, (IISL)

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