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    • 26 May 2022
    • 27 May 2022
    • Tokio, Japan

    The premier interdisciplinary forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences.
    Tokyo, Japan
    May 26-27, 2022
    web page: https://waset.org/sociology-of-law-conference-in-may-2022-in-tokyo

    • 26 May 2022
    • 27 May 2022
    • IISL, Oñati

    Coordinators: Lucian Bojin (Associate Professor, West University of Timisoara, Law Faculty), Alexandra Mercescu (Lecturer, West University of Timisoara, Law Faculty)


    Description of the meeting

    During the last decade, liberal democracies around the world were confronted with forms of contestation difficult to ascribe to the classical categories of political theory. For better or for worse, many of these phenomena were labelled as “populist”. The new political actors representing such movements combine old topics with new claims. They also employ new forms of public communication offered by social media alongside the more traditional ones. Constitutional lawyers already have had a hard time in describing/analysing these emerging phenomena.

    The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak might have seemed an “occasion” for a change of focus. Many countries had recourse to the state of emergency, with its specific limitations to freedoms, thus it would have been expectable that classical topics such as abuse of power by governments would come again to foreground. While discussions about such initiatives existed (e.g. Hungary, Romania), we believe what the context of Covid-19 rather did was to add other puzzling developments in politics. Various groups, with various degrees of organization, gained visibility arguing from positions that doubtlessly would have been considered as “marginal”, “eccentric” or even “frivolous” only a couple of years ago.

    For example, anti-vaccination (and “alternative” medical practices) became part of the everyday talk and of the agenda of relevant political parties (US, Brazil, France, Romania). Conspiracy theories, once the sole delight of tabloids and an object of intellectual jokes, gained momentum in the political arena. The positions expressed by the scientific community concerning the pandemics were forcefully and continuously criticized by some political actors, sometimes with arguments borrowed from dissident scientists who did not enjoy support in their respective professional communities. Moreover, the tactics employed by the actors supporting these claims were usually very aggressive. Accusations were particularly virulent and no effort for a minimally constructive dialogue seems to have been made. Attempts by mainstream political actors (governments, main political parties, international organizations) to demonstrate weaknesses of some of the arguments employed were dismissed with equal virulence. A third characteristic is that these new, “eccentric” claims, although extremely heterogenous, somehow coalesced in single movements and benefited from platforms of support unifying people with otherwise very different backgrounds. Political establishment came under attack from the widest possible spectrum of dissatisfactions: economic and welfare concerns, nationalism, religious (and social) conservatism, hostility towards immigration, international markets and international institutions and hostility towards scientific community and even towards key institutions of democracy. Almost anything seemed capable to motivate this sort of criticism, provided it is directed against the political establishment: from economic inequality to attitudes towards sex.

    A different problem for constitutionalists is raised by political tactics employed. Although seldom explicitly provided by constitutional law, self-restraint of political actors in the political “struggle” is certainly a constant element of constitutional practices. Constitutional “good practices” require political actors to somehow limit the scope and the means of confrontation, such as not to endanger the social peace. While political communication and competition in democracies was never a fair play Coubertin-style contest, the virulence of attacks from these movements went far beyond the already familiar “dirty tricks” of everyday politics. In particular, the rejection of any “real” dialogue on the contested matters renders these movements’ strategies of public communication close to authoritarian propaganda and, since it chooses to ignore factual arguments, to “negationism”.

    In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic seems to have exacerbated the illiberal trends in politics around the world, both from grassroots movements (France, Romania), but also from actors in power already (Brazil). A second wave of “populism” or even some sort of “post-populism” seems to have appeared. It is not clear now whether these are simply natural developments of the already existing tendencies, only adapted to the new context. It is not clear either whether it is more appropriate to look at them as mere reactions to greater powers assumed by States in pandemic times or as rather autonomous developments. It would probably be more prudent to state for now that pandemics seems to have worked like magnifying glasses where many issues became more visible. Indeed, these illiberal trends are not necessarily linked to the rise of populism. Given the disruptions in the public space already brought about in recent times by social media and the new technologies, we can ask ourselves whether such phenomena are a result of the exceptional times of the pandemic or rather represent a mere coincidence. We can further inquiry into the relationship between official populist discourses and such disturbing private initiative. At least on some occasions, the latter did not seem to serve well the cause of the first. In fact, we aim at understanding whether the distinction private/public still retains its pertinence. Does social media create a dissolution of the private sphere with the consequence that it becomes impossible to know what is political speech? Did political parties lose their guiding role, that of channelling different albeit legitimate values?
    It is however manifest that the paradigms of public law are unable to describe such phenomena, let alone to properly analyse them. A stronger socio-legal approach seems then the proper direction for further reflection on these matters. Oñati Institute for the Sociology of Law offers a unique setting for pursuing such a goal. We seek to engage scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds (law, political sciences, history, cultural studies, sociology, humanities) in a dialogue around the following core themes:

    1)    Identifying populist and post-populist manifestations in relation to the pandemic:

    •    Was populism transformed by the pandemic? if so, how? is it less or more authoritarian under the pressure from pandemic and what does this say to us about its political ambitions? (political science, history)
    •    Can the typical democratic institutions efficiently address these challenges? (political science, law)
    •    Case studies from various countries
    •    State of emergency/state of exception – any relation to populism?

    2)    Explaining the origins of such manifestations:
    •    What made these trends possible? (sociology; economics)

    3)    Scrutinizing the future of these movements and proposing a way forward:
    •    Under what conditions is political polarization helping or hampering the maintenance of a viable liberal democratic system? (political science, law)
    •    Does the distinction between public and private sphere, a cornerstone of modern political theory, become blurrier than ever, or even risk losing it relevance? What can we do about this?
    •    Are these troubling trends temporary or are they here to stay?

    • 5 Jun 2022
    • 9 Jun 2022
    • Donostia - San Sebastian

    Submission of proposals are open: 


    • 16 Jul 2022
    • Lisbon, Portugal

    The conference will be held at ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon with organizational support from DINÂMIA’CET and CIES at ISCTE.
    It will be the 7th Global conference, which is held approximately every 5 years.
    Lisbon, Portugal
    July 13-16, 2022
    web page: https://www.lawandsociety.org/lisbon-2022-homepage/

    • 18 Nov 2022
    • 19 Nov 2022
    • Oslo, Norway

    University of Oslo
    Oslo, Norway
    November 18-19, 2022
    for more information, click here
    web page: https://www.jus.uio.no/ifp/english/research/projects/jus/events/20221118.html

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5 Nov 2018 5th International Conference The Age of Rights. Call for Communications to the panel on “Human Rights Research Methodologies”. Deadline: October 31st.
29 Oct 2018 Socio-Legal Perspectives on Litigation Mather, Lynn (SUNY Buffalo Law School)
18 Oct 2018 Social Research: Design and Methods Melville, Angela (Flinders University)
8 Oct 2018 Social Research: Desing and Methods Roach Anleu, Sharyn (Flinders University)
24 Sep 2018 Comparative Legal Culture Bengoetxea, Joxerramon (University of the Basque Country)
17 Sep 2018 Rhetoric, Communication, Negotiation Schultz, Ulrike (FernUniversität in Hagen)
13 Sep 2018 Basel 2018: Abolishing the law? Deadline: 28 Feb/2018
5 Sep 2018 Curso de verano Cooperación regional transfronteriza: análisis y experiencias
5 Sep 2018 Evidence and policy summer school – science, policy and demography
26 Jul 2018 Workshop: Niklas Luhmann 20 Years After. Constructing Law in World Society
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19 Jul 2018 Workshop: Social Ontology of Law in Legal Education
12 Jul 2018 Workshop: New constitutionalism? New forms of democracy and rule of law beyond liberalism
5 Jul 2018 Workshop: Gender and Judging in the Middle East and Africa: Emerging Scholarship and Debates
28 Jun 2018 Workshop: Adolescentes mujeres y sistemas penales: debate de experiencias entre América Latina y Europa
21 Jun 2018 Workshop: Disability and (Virtual) Institutions?: Interventions, Integration and Inclusion
14 Jun 2018 Workshop: The fourth wave of feminism: from sisterhood and social networking towards a new citizenship?
14 Jun 2018 European Forum for Restorative Justice. 10th International Conference. Call for Papers Deadline 1 November 2017
7 Jun 2018 Workshop: Desigualdades complejas y formas de discriminación en sociedades plurales: un enfoque interseccional
6 Jun 2018 Call for Papers - IV Congreso Internacional Cátedra Internacional Conjunta Inocencio III
6 Jun 2018 II Congreso de la colección Filosofía y Derecho: Congreso Mundial sobre Razonamiento Probatorio
4 Jun 2018 Call for papers: Panel de Sociología jurídica (Panel 15) en el XI CONGRESO DE SOCIOLOGÍA Y CIENCIA POLÍTICA: “Una ciencia social atenta para un tiempo de ciudadanía activa”, Asociación Vasca de Sociología y Ciencia Política
31 May 2018 Workshop: Sharing and Regulating Emotions in Legal Spaces: Mediation, Restoration, and Reconciliation
30 May 2018 International Conference Ninth Multidisciplinary Meeting on Indigenous Peoples (EMPI IX)
24 May 2018 Workshop: Historical and Comparative Macrosociology of Middle Eastern Legal Systems
17 May 2018 Workshop: Governing the Political: Law and the Politics of Resistance
10 May 2018 Workshop: Practices of Memorialization & the Process of Social Reconstruction after large-scale Human Rights Abuses and Violations
3 May 2018 Workshop: Judging, Emotion and Emotion Work
30 Apr 2018 Call for Papers: Ninth Multidisciplinary Conference on Indigenous Peoples. Deadline: April 30th
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9 Apr 2018 CfP EASA Stockholm: LawNet Panel "Transnational Corporations, Industrial Disasters and Environmental Hazards. Allocating Moral and Legal Responsibilities Across Different National Contexts"
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22 Mar 2018 Presentation: Toward a (Re)conceptualization of Legal Culture (Mateja Čehulić)
19 Mar 2018 Talk about "Prosecuting 'bad mothers' in Argentina: from victims to perpetrators"
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5 Mar 2018 Master Course: Social Theory of Law
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21 Feb 2018 From better regulation to smart regulation. Regulatory impact assessement and its introduction in Spain
19 Feb 2018 Master Course: Criminal Justice: Global Perspectives
18 Feb 2018 2018 – Call for Papers Journal of the Oxford Centre for Socio-legal Studies
5 Feb 2018 Master Course: Migration
1 Feb 2018 Open talk: "Law based on reciprocity: How can we recognize legal otherness in terms of modernity?"
22 Jan 2018 Master Course: Gender
11 Jan 2018 Access and Exclusion in Global Governance (Barcelona, 11 & 12 January 2018): Call for Papers
8 Jan 2018 Master Course: Sociology of Law and the Economy
31 Dec 2017 Convocatoria: Revista Criterio Libre Jurídico- Fecha límite: diciembre 2017
15 Dec 2017 RCSL Meeting in Lisbon (Deadline Dec 15th)
11 Dec 2017 Master Course: A Sociology of Constitutionalism
6 Dec 2017 Congreso Nacional de Investigación sobre Derechos Humanos 2017. Fecha límite aplicación: 15 de agosto.
3 Dec 2017 Transnational Law Summer Institute: Call for Applications, deadline: August 15.
27 Nov 2017 Master Course: The Rule of Law: Law, Philosophy, Sociology, Politics & Reality
13 Nov 2017 Master Course: Anthropology of Law & Legal Pluralism
10 Nov 2017 Max Planck Trialogue Workshop on the Law of Peace and War; Vol. III: Reparations for Victims of Armed Conflict
9 Nov 2017 MPIL Momentum "The Politicization of Europe: Transnational Solidarity Conflicts and the Changing Structure of Economic Governance in the EU"
2 Nov 2017 Workshop Quantitative & Qualitative Methodology by Professor Angela Melville
24 Oct 2017 Ier Encuentro Nuestroamericano de Crítica Jurídica "Pensamiento y Praxis"
23 Oct 2017 Master Course: Social Research Theory and Practice
19 Oct 2017 Race and law: French and German cross-perspectives in Berlin.
18 Oct 2017 Perspectivas cruzadas sobre los mundos indígenas: Mujeres indígenas, memoria histórica y construcción de paz en Colombia
9 Oct 2017 Master Course: Sociological analysis of international law
1 Oct 2017 Call for Applications: 2018 Laureate Visiting Fellowships in Comparative Constitutional Law. Deadline: 1 October 2017
30 Sep 2017 Call for abstracts to a session in the XIX World Congress of Sociology of ISA “Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses and Responsibilities”.
25 Sep 2017 Master Course: Comparative Legal Culture
18 Sep 2017 Master Course: Rhetoric, Communication, Negotiation
17 Sep 2017 ISA XV International Laboratory for PhD Students in Sociology. Deadline: June 15, 2017
3 Sep 2017 Summer School: Racism, Eurocentrism and Political Struggles (Early registration: until 30th April 2017)
15 Aug 2017 Seminario Internacional "Derechos sociales: discusiones para una nueva agenda de investigación"
9 Aug 2017 Legal Pluralism and Challenges for Family Law Governance in Muslim Majority
6 Aug 2017 Osnabrück Summer Institute on the Cultural Study of the Law. Deadline: 30 April 2017
27 Jul 2017 Regulating Climate Change: Governance and Legal Mobilization
20 Jul 2017 The Policy of Cultural Rights: Socio-legal Perspectives on Cultural Diversity
17 Jul 2017 Curso de Verano: La crisis de las profesiones jurídicas en un mundo en transformación: dinámicas locales y transnacionales. Fecha límite: 10 de julio
16 Jul 2017 XXVIII World Congress of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) Deadline: May 15
13 Jul 2017 La desaparición forzada de personas: circulación transnacional y usos sociales de una categoría del derecho humanitario
6 Jul 2017 Procesos constituyentes en nuestra América. Diálogos, análisis y perspectivas desde la teoría jurídica crítica
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29 Jun 2017 Specifying and Securing a Social Minimum
26 Jun 2017 PhD Summer School on International Law: Courts and Contexts
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15 Jun 2017 Meeting of the International Interdisciplinary Research Consortium on Cybercrime
14 Jun 2017 Conferencia. Frans Viljoen: “Los pueblos indígenas de África: atrapados entre la legitimidad de la normativa y su cumplimiento”
13 Jun 2017 “Se non è vero…” post-truth, alternative facts and informative spam
13 Jun 2017 Jornada de Reflexión sobre el Futuro de Europa: Análisis de los Cinco Escenarios del Libro Blanco De Juncker
8 Jun 2017 The Ombudsman and Administrative Justice: From Promise to Performance
2 Jun 2017 Researching juvenile justice pra ctices: discussing the pains of doing criminological research
1 Jun 2017 Penal welfarism - myths and realities?
1 Jun 2017 DILEMAS DEL PLURALISMO JURÍDICO. Octavo Encuentro Multidisciplinar sobre Pueblos Indígenas (EMPI)
25 May 2017 La transformación de las enseñanzas jurídicas y criminológicas desde las Clínicas por la Justicia Social
18 May 2017 El modelo europeo de justicia restaurativa con menores: un reto para Euskadi // The European Model for Restorative Justice with Children and Young People: a challenge for the Basque Country
11 May 2017 Feminist Judgments: Comparative Socio-Legal Perspectives on Judicial Decision Making and Gender Justice
4 May 2017 When the Exception becomes the rule: European Union Societies on the move
27 Apr 2017 La institucionalización de la mediación: potencialidades y riesgos
20 Apr 2017 Foro Mundial sobre las Violencias Urbanas y Educación para la Convivencia y la Paz
6 Apr 2017 ¿Derechos Sociales o Capitalismo?
6 Apr 2017 Comparative Perspectives on the Law and Practice of Limiting Offenders in Fundamental Rights Beyond Their Sentence
12 Mar 2017 Call for Papers - International Conference on Democracy and Participation in the 21st Century [deadline]
28 Feb 2017 IISL International Master's Programme in Sociology of Law
20 Feb 2017 SORTUZ: submission deadline
10 Feb 2017 IISL Accommodation grants OCT 2017- MAR 2018 deadline
28 Jan 2017 9 CEE Forum: DEMOCRACY, ACADEMIA AND THE POLITICAL [forum, Wrocław]: registration deadline
15 Jan 2017 Intellectual Property as Circulation and Control [workshop, Toronto]: registration deadline
10 Jan 2017 Mobilization of Law in Pluralistic Society [workshop, Berlin]: submission deadline
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